Where do you find the vintage snapbacks and clothing that you sell?

Our hat hunters scour the depths of the internet and hundreds of thrift stores all over the world to find the best of the best. We’re like the Indiana Jones’ of hats. We employ people who live and breathe snapbacks and know every stone to turn and shop owner to impress to find the nicest vintage snapbacks and apparel you’ve ever seen.

What are your custom snapbacks made of?

The vintage snapbacks that we buy and sell are made from a wide variety of materials from nylon to corduroy snapbacks. However, the custom snapbacks that we design and manufacture ourselves are made from entirely sustainable materials. Read more about it on our process page.

Do you only sell eco-friendly hats?

While the vintage snapbacks that we buy and sell may not be made from sustainable materials, 100% of our custom snapbacks that we make ourselves are made from eco-friendly materials. Read more about our eco-friendly hats on our process page.

Do you have custom snapbacks for sale? How do I get one made?

So you want a Snag & Stitch original, huh? To get started on this shoot an email over to create@snagandstitch.com and we will start bringing your project to life.

Do you have custom wholesale snapbacks for sale?

We do! Submit a contact form or email create@snagandstitch.com to learn more about our bulk snapback deals.

Where are you located?

Our main headquarters is in Austin, Texas but we slang all of our custom hats from Denver - HQ2. However, we’re proud to have a team that operates all over the world. 

Is there a Snag & Stitch brick & mortar?

A: There will be one day! And you’re invited to our opening day BBQ. You’re in charge of dips but Jake doesn’t do well with dairy so maybe bring a child-sized hummus for him. 

How long do deliveries take?

A: All orders of vintage snapbacks and apparel come professionally packaged with 3-5 day shipping from Denver, Colorado or Austin, Texas.

What is your return policy?

For vintage snapbacks that are defective or don’t fit, you have a 7-day return period. And if it’s one of our custom hats you have 30 days to return the product with the tag attached. Check out our full return policy for more information.

Are the vintage snapbacks pre-owned?

Some of the vintage snapbacks in our inventory have been previously owned, however, a good portion of them have not with original tags attached. That being said, our snapback company only takes in hats of the highest quality.

What steps do you take to clean vintage snapbacks that were preowned? 

Whenever we get a previously owned vintage snapback we take advanced measures to clean and sanitize it before sending it off. At Snag & Stitch, we value your drip just as much as your health. We got your back, yo.

Is Snag & Stitch affiliated with any charities?

A: Currently, we are in communication with a variety of charities and nonprofits having to do with ocean clean-ups and recycled and sustainable material efforts. We’re very excited to bring this mission to life with some really awesome groups.  

Where does Snag & Stitch stand on BLM?

As a company with a passion for travel and exploration, we’ve been exposed to an incredibly vast expanse of different demographics. Through these experiences, we’ve learned that what makes this world so great is the fact that we are all so different. A blank easel is far less interesting than one scattered with color. Snag & Stitch stands with BLM all the way, and we’re proud to have donated a portion of our proceeds from this year to such a great cause. Check out our BLM custom snapbacks if you want to show your support!

When you’re buying and selling previously owned snapbacks, how do you mitigate the risk of COVID exposure?

As long as Snag & Stitch has been in business, we’ve always taken the necessary steps to clean and sanitize previously owned vintage snapbacks before sending them out. Now, with the current situation going on with COVID, we have expanded our safety efforts like verifying sellers, ordering products from low-risk areas, and stepping up sanitization efforts.

Do you do embroidery?

Yes! A lot of our custom snapback designs will incorporate some form of embroidery, depending on what you’re looking for. This is conducted in-house at our Denver HQ using industry-leading equipment.

Do you have vintage clothes for sale?

Starting at the end of July 2020 we will officially be carrying vintage clothes for sale!

Do you only have snapbacks for sale?

In addition to vintage and custom snapbacks, we also carry original Snag & Stitch tees, and starting at the end of July 2020, we will be selling vintage clothing!

Is there a minimum amount of custom hats I need to buy or can I buy one-offs?

No minimum on custom hat sales! Buy 1 or 100. 

I want to partner with Snag & Stitch, how do I get started?

We’re always looking for impassioned businesses and people to work with. Whether you’re a non-profit, designer, a fellow apparel company, or any other impassioned person, we encourage you to reach out to us at contact@snagandstitch.com